Politics and Business: Two Worlds Colliding

No one really expected President Trump to win, and those surprised by his election did not believe he’d actually act on his campaign promises. Well, with the upheaval in Washington comes some interesting developments and even accomplishments. I’m not sure who could have pulled off a meeting with the North Korean dictator, but Trump did.

Many politicians across the globe are struggling with Trump’s “deal, no deal” approach. In fact, the whole collision of business and government worlds has never been more evident. Trump sees politics as a frustrating and elusive game, and he approaches policymaking with business tactics such as his self-professed masterly negotiating skills and other forms of gamesmanship. He puts many politicians on edge, with some deciding to quit and others dodging their way through the Capitol in an effort to avoid becoming a target.

Is the President ruffling feathers? No, he’s plucking the bird. Most business people often look at government oversight and regulatory functions as unnecessary and burdensome to business success. Trump has been their champion. But in his zeal the President has targeted some government programs vastly prized by the American people and their representatives, such as the National Institutes of Health, and has been rebuffed.

The spectacle in Washington is a human illustration of how nuclear fusion works. Bring disparate elements together under pressure and you get a massive release of energy … or an explosion. Welcome to Washington, ground zero in the tug of war between bureaucracies and business.

Where will this all end up? Will government beat back the attempt to break the bureaucracy that hampers business but protects many? Can a Trump presidency change the face of Washington – forever? Probably not.

It’s likely there will be some give on both sides of the showdown. Washington lives for Washington. When you’re comfortable with the way things are, you likely don’t want to mess with success. So, the swamp won’t be drained. More likely, the water level will drop but the ridged underlayment will stay intact. And that’s not all bad.

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