The Changing Face of Communication: E-mail, Texts and Twitter®

I recently asked our interactive consultants about my online presence. You know, “How am I doing at adapting to the new world of online dialogue?”

I didn’t get good grades. Sadly, my style is too formal, my sentence structure too long and I’m bouncing around topically like a thousand super balls in a ballroom.

So, exactly what is wrong with my writing? First, my copy doesn’t appear to be “skimmable” — I’m making this word up — for a pair of quick eyes seeking out any sign of intelligence in my work.

Nor, it appears, do I have enough bullet points or quick factoids for easy comprehension, and my syntax appears to be too rigid and formal.

OK, got that.

What else? Way too long. Make it short and sweet. Well, I thought I was already doing that, but guess not. It’s short-attention-span theatre out there, don’t you know?

If you can’t get the reader hooked in a microsecond, they’re off pursuing more dynamic copy, most likely written by someone younger, and hipper, than me.

I’m going to try this new gig. Bullet points, call outs and a lot more graphics and visual cues are in my future.

I’m learning writing all over again.

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