2010 Predictions: Safe Bets in PR

Making predictions is a dangerous business. What is certain about 2010 is uncertainty. However, since we know that history repeats itself, we can call upon the past to help foretell the future in the world of public relations.

Let’s hit some predictions “out of the ballpark.” Here is my list of PR predictions for 2010:

1. A sports legend or current icon will fall victim to his/her own “bad” behavior and have to pledge goodness and sainthood in the future.
2. A politician will admit infidelity and put his wife on the podium with him during the apology speech.
3. On Wall Street, someone will get an undeserved bonus.
4. The White House press secretary will have to “clarify” the vice president’s remarks.
5. A Hollywood star will be “caught on tape” with someone who is not his/her spouse at a trendy nightclub or sunny beach.
6. A governor will announce that his/her state is broke and will have to do “more with less.”
7. A sports star will receive a salary twice the size of the national debt, and will later test positive for illegal substances.
8. The president will have a teleprompter mishap while saying “unprecedented” or “change.”
9. A late night television host will have to apologize for something he’s said.
10. A spokesman will appear on the national nightly news and suggest their company’s double-digit profit is not unreasonable, nor undeserved.

Go ahead. Try it yourself. I’m sure you’ll be right!

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