To 2019 and beyond

We’ve just gotten over 2018, with all that happened that year. Only yesterday we were watching Congress and the president go at each other in another disappointing and horrible way … prepare for more of the same in 2019.

That’s an easy prediction. Each year I offer up a few for the new year. These aren’t exactly guesses – I am shooting for surefire forecasts with a high degree of probability.

1. The president and Congress will continue to fight in extremely partisan and unhelpful ways.

2. Another mysterious drone incident will shut down commerce and travel somewhere on the planet.

3. More revelations will emanate from Hollywood that certain celebrities and movie moguls have been inappropriate to others in demeaning and sexist ways.

4. California will experience more wildfires. Unfortunately, these have become more frequent and severe due to the fire prevention practices of the state.

5. Newspaper readership will continue to decline. The digital revolution will make newsprint almost obsolete.

6. Sadly, more people will lose their lives protecting ours. Thank goodness for our dedicated law enforcement and brave military.

7. We will experience more “fake news.” It will come from the left and the right.

8. A new drug will be developed that will revolutionize the treatment of some dreaded illness. Let’s hope so. We can use some good news.

9. The Federal Reserve will _______ interest rates. Fill in the blank. I predict we’ll see a few more bumps.

10. A Saturday Night Live skit will feature Alec Baldwin.

One thing is certain: 2019 will be as interesting as 2018. Enjoy.

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