Annually, I prognosticate public relations and related happenings that have a high degree of certainty of occurring in the upcoming year. Call it wimpy if you’d like, but I like a sure thing. And, unlike the 2011 end-of-world predictions and those for 2012, I’d rather not be the laughing stock of my loyal readers.

So, here we go…

1. The NBA shortened season will be as boring as a regular, full-length season; only this season will be noted with an asterisk that says, “Team won championship, but it’s not that valid because it was an abbreviated season.”
2. There will be claims in the Presidential campaign that the opponent is twisting and distorting the facts in his/her advertising.
3. There may be a claim that Herman Cain fathered several pizza delivery men (or women).
4. There will be a [pick one] illegal drug, illicit sex or gun charges against a player in the NFL.
5. There will be a blinding snow storm on the East Coast that gets a silly name like Snowzilla and some city will claim it was overwhelmed and unprepared.
6. The Weather Channel will brand a “named hurricane” with its own tagline like, “The Big One.”
7. Someone on a reality TV show will check into the Betty Ford Clinic.
8. There will be a “massive recall of [pick one] cars, trucks, SUVs, ground beef, ground turkey or cribs.
9. Someone will make a fashion faux pas on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards.
10. And some politician will claim, “If elected, I will go to Washington, D.C. and change the way it does business.” Right.

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