New Year’s Predictions

Once again it’s time to make our resolutions and predictions for 2011.

Here are some fairly certain predictions emanating from my new, LED-lighted crystal ball.

1. A movie star or professional sports figure will get caught sending lewd messages and/or pictures on a cell phone.
2. Charles Manson will be denied parole…again.
3. After claiming to be reformed, a teenage rock star will be placed on house arrest.
4. A car company will have to recall no less than 500,000 vehicles for a faulty switch.
5. The Obama administration will be accused of moving to a centrist position (CNN).
6. The Obama administration will be accused of moving even further to the left (Fox News).
7. Someone will write a memo using the words leveraged, symbiotic and/or equilibrium.
8. A snowstorm will “cripple” a major airport and we’ll see pictures of people sleeping in chairs and on cots.
9. Sarah Palin will use the words, “momma bear.”
10. There will be at least two “greatest moments in sports history” in 2011.

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