2018: Predictions for the New Year

Ho, ho, ho. It’s time to close out 2017 and look positively toward a new year. While we certainly have a lot of problems to handle and turmoil to quell, it’s appropriate to make some fairly safe predictions for the coming year. So here goes:

    1. Donald Trump will create outrage and anger with a tweet.

    2. Someone will be accused of harassment and be removed from … (pick one)

      a. Office.
      b. The office.
      c. The news set.
      d. The playing field.
      e. Just about everywhere in Hollywood.

    3. There will be another terror incident. Sadly, probably more than one. It is now commonplace to wake to the news of another horrible and senseless attack.

    4. Several storms will be violent enough to be named, but none will be a Gertrude or Maude.

    5. California will have more wildfires.

    6. The financial markets will undergo some adjustments, and someone or something will be blamed for it.

    7. There will be more data breaches, for which Russia will get the blame (or credit).

    8. Al Franken will get back into comedy (although Congress has been pretty humorous).

    9. Fox News will blame Democrats for chaos. CNN will blame Republicans for chaos.

    10. Someone will resign from public office expressing contrition for misdeeds.

We will make it through another year. And, we’re lucky to be doing it in America. I’m hopeful that most people agree.

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