The dirty, little secrets your adviser didn’t tell you

How to get a job in public relations.  No, really. 

So, you wanna be a rock star?   

Get a job in PR to pay back those student loans. 

You’ve heard it, right? Frustration in full!    

To get a job, you need experience.  To get experience, you need a job. 

Let’s talk about it. Let’s debunk and demystify the crap you’ve heard from every know-it-all PR god and spin doctor extraordinaire, about landing on your feet after four (or five, if you had fun) years of college. 

First, let’s break the rules, or bend them. 

Did you ever get told that a resume should be kept to one page? 

Wrong. Your resume should tell a story of your education and experience. Let me put this out there. The resume should be an appropriate length to appropriately describe your background and experience. So, if your story is a page and one-half…well, that’s fine. (IF, and it’s a BIG IF, a page and one-half is needed to tell your story.) 

So, weigh in on this. Does one page really work?

1 thought on “The dirty, little secrets your adviser didn’t tell you

  1. One page is the best for pre-college students and probably for most college students. I am almost 50 and can still get almost everything onto one page (hooray for editing skills). Anything longer at that age, and I just don’t buy it.

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