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Microsoft has revolutionized business. No one can debate that. The mega-company’s powerful operating systems and software ushered in a whole new way of doing our work.

It’s been a revolution that compares to the discovery of electricity, internal combustion engines and, of course, the microchip.

Microsoft Word® programs have made word processing effortless, easy and efficient. However, for college students, it brings some very easy ways to become lazy and sloppy.

What do I mean by this? Two words: Spell check. I want to point out that I’m a big fan of spell check. It makes life a lot easier. However, it somewhat takes away very important components of writing … the ability to differentiate, discern and determine word choice. Many words sound alike, but mean different things. Some words are spelled totally different, but mean the same thing. On some words, the handy spell checker cannot differentiate and disclose a mistake. Is it “their” or “there”?

What about its and it’s? In certain circumstances Word cannot see the difference for you. This means that spelling and the knowledge of syntax, nomenclature and nuance is paramount to good writing.

Public relations students must have a command of the language, usage, spelling and grammar. This is something that Word cannot do for you.

Use spell check to make your writing better. Still, you must learn how to spell without a total dependency on the software, no matter how good it is.

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  1. Touche, Jim. I do, however, find it somewhat ironic that there is a typo at the end of the fourth paragraph… tisk tisk!

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