Two Worlds: Not So Different

To some readers of this blog, this will come as surprising news. Journalism and public relations are close cousins. Heck, they may be brothers and sisters. However, let’s stop short of calling the two professions identical twins. Why are the two communication areas so seemingly different but closely allied? Well, get past the fact that […]

Crisis Planning 101

It is interesting to note that Monday morning quarterbacking occurs not only after football games, but certainly after a crisis. Our local business journal did an extensive story on how crisis planning would have greatly helped immediately after the recent stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair. Several local public relations gurus weighed in on […]

Morphing Public Relations: Keeping up with the times

Recently a good friend and able competitor closed his public relations operation after many, many successful years. However, things turned south in the past few years and his business waned. Our “Paper of Record” reported on the shift in the PR marketplace, suggesting, “the times they are a changing.” Well, yes they are. The article […]