A Virus Gone Viral

Social media and digital communications in the pandemic The world is connected in many ways today. What seemed impossible in communication just decades ago is now the norm. Want to reach out to a family member in Israel? Shoot them a Facebook message in an instant. Want to inform the masses of your thoughts and […]

Crisis communications are more important than ever

Social distancing, isolation, closures bring a new challenge to communicators The new world order is evolving quickly. Communication is vital to just about everything we do, and now we’re doing it primarily on remote platforms, streaming more video and viewing more online content than ever before. While everyone is faced with challenges arising from limited […]

Get out of your comfort zone

This blog was written by Kynedi N. Grier – communications management intern at Hirons and recent graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana. When I was deciding on a major for my undergraduate degree, I was confident about two things: I love connecting with people and want to have flexibility with my career. When I decided […]

Why diversity matters in the workplace

While Americans seem to be more deliberately divided than ever before, especially politically, most of us still recognize the value of diverse people in our lives. Don’t believe me? A recent Pew Research Center survey found about 58 percent of U.S. adults believe “an increasing number of people of different races, ethnic groups and nationalities […]