Messaging Takes on More Meaning

Frank Luntz, the highly visible and right-leaning pollster, was in Indianapolis on Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012. Our company sponsored a reception for him that was followed by a 30-minute speech to approximately 750 business leaders at the Economic Club of Indiana. He was funny and made some good points. He certainly didn’t waste any time […]

Texting – A Shortcut to Disaster

So, you think I’m going to write about texting and driving? No. How about texting and the way it’s murdering our language? Yep. May I proceed? K. To put it bluntly, texting is a lethal injection to the body of our grammar and English. No longer are sentences required. Today, it’s instant gratification and instant […]

Democracy – Who said it had to be pretty.

Democracy – Who said it had to be pretty. Ok, so there is a lot of bad Ju-Ju out there about our country’s leadership in the executive and legislative branches. Certainly the popularity polls for politicians are dropping like flies encountering a can of full-strength Raid, ® but is it all that bad? Really? When […]