The Demise of the Corner Bookstore

You see it just about everywhere: independent and chain bookstores closing. The internet and Amazon have changed forever the process for buying and reading books. Audio books, Kindle and other technologies have placed the paper pages in peril. In fact, look at what happened to Borders and Barnes & Noble … closings and downsizing. It’s […]

2018: Predictions for the New Year

Ho, ho, ho. It’s time to close out 2017 and look positively toward a new year. While we certainly have a lot of problems to handle and turmoil to quell, it’s appropriate to make some fairly safe predictions for the coming year. So here goes: 1. Donald Trump will create outrage and anger with a […]

The PR Chronicle moves to YouTube

Hello readers, I recently started filming short videos to post to the site’s new YouTube page. You can find us on YouTube here. I will begin posting videos before each blog post in order to give you, the reader, an idea of what the content covers. Click here to access The PR Chronicle’s introductory video. […]