Digital Dilemma for Old School PR Practitioners

Switching gears for dyed-in-the-wool public relations practitioners from hard-copy news releases sent out snail mail to instant Twitter posts is a tough transition. The bread and butter of PR used to be news releases and follow up pitches. Sure, it’s still in the toolbox, but many of these missives end up in ghost town news […]

Has Hollywood Lost Its Sheen?

Low-hanging fruit is an easy target and a crisis manager’s nightmare. Welcome to the world of Charlie Sheen. Rarely do we see such a public detonation of a Hollywood star as we’ve witnessed in recent weeks with the implosion of America’s bad boy of sitcom. There are the alleged drugs, sex and, well, a lot […]

10 Things I’d Like to Say to BP

During the past several weeks, I’ve often been asked what I would’ve done differently for BP’s public relations efforts. Honestly, I would not wish that responsibility upon anyone. It’s a daunting task and the odds are stacked against BP more than any craps table I’ve ever played. But, for the record, here’s what I will […]