Tiger In The Tank: Why perception matters.

Tiger’s public relations street cred is sinking faster than one of his fairway drives, and public relations pundits are punishingly critical of his spin doctoring to date. This is a man who has enough money to bail out Dubai, yet he’s left standing at the precipice of a perception verses reality canyon. At this time, […]

Digital Overdose: Too much of a good thing?

The apparent need for an individual’s personal connectivity and contact with others is moving at Mach 2 speed and continues to set a blistering pace. Today’s plethora of products designed to “keep you in touch with the world” has exploded and digital device makers are throwing a battery of new toys at us this holiday […]

Town Halls – A Lesson in Democracy

In recent weeks, the rise of town hall meetings as a loud and vigorous sounding board of American sentiment has become very apparent. The issue is health care, and it’s clear there is differing opinion. However, what’s curious to me is the uproar over those who are outspoken and boisterous. Then, there is the grandstanding […]