Freedom of the press — is it really free?

Ongoing U.S. government involvement in the Associated Press’ phone records and emails has caused quite a stir. Additionally, the co-conspirator title lavished upon a Fox News reporter has further strained the symbiotic relationship between the Obama administration and the working media. Let’s face it: Government needs the media, and the media needs the government. So, […]

It’s Up for Debate. Who Wins?

If you’ve ever been in the dreaded debate club in high school or taken it up a notch to a college-level effort, you know there are many tricks to the trade. We saw many tried-and-true tactics employed during the first of several presidential debates. There’s the old idea that you present your opponent’s arguments for […]

Has Hollywood Lost Its Sheen?

Low-hanging fruit is an easy target and a crisis manager’s nightmare. Welcome to the world of Charlie Sheen. Rarely do we see such a public detonation of a Hollywood star as we’ve witnessed in recent weeks with the implosion of America’s bad boy of sitcom. There are the alleged drugs, sex and, well, a lot […]