Don’t let facts get in the way

We all learned in school that it’s good to back up your argument with facts. If you don’t justify yourself, then people may not believe what you are saying. Simple enough. But how does that work in today’s warp-speed world with constant actions, reactions and rebuttal to broad spectrum statements voiced by thousands of people? […]

April Blog_4.13.17

Fake News Is Real. Or Is It?

There comes a point in many people’s careers when some of their core opinions, views and perceptions are shaken by events or change. Take, for example, the issue of fake news. Is it really that new to discuss the legitimacy of a news story or whether or not the reporter got the facts right? In […]


Fake news: How disinformation works

Ask the Russians or any other country Fake news. Is that like true facts? Some people will argue that using “fake” with “news” is redundant. Others, thankfully, still believe that news gathering is a tried-and-true, fact-based profession. But, alas, here comes the internet, where anyone can dump anything onto a website, blog, message board, Facebook […]


Did we see the same thing?

So, been watching politics? Chances are, you have. The presidential race is grinding along with more twists and turns than the Blue Ridge Parkway, and there are still three long months ahead before the election. Leading up to the November faceoff are more debates and other general hubbub. Many times it strikes me that cable […]