Generation Z on the rise

There’s been a lot written about how to deal with (pick one): 1. Millennials and how to motivate them. 2. Millennials and how to understand them. 3. Millennials and how to work with them. Now comes something totally different: Generation Z. It makes sense, right? Baby boomers and Generations X, Y and Z. Well, the […]


Just the facts … please

Fake news is a term bandied about in almost every news cycle. What constitutes fake news? Well, that may be hard to say. Impossible, really. Still, President Trump proclaims almost daily that news organizations are putting out incorrect or intentionally misleading reports absent of fact checking and follow-up. Regardless of whether he’s right or wrong, […]


Politics and Business: Two Worlds Colliding

No one really expected President Trump to win, and those surprised by his election did not believe he’d actually act on his campaign promises. Well, with the upheaval in Washington comes some interesting developments and even accomplishments. I’m not sure who could have pulled off a meeting with the North Korean dictator, but Trump did. […]

Caution - Politically Correct Area Ahead

Political Correctness Marches On

It’s interesting that Elon University no longer uses the word “freshman” when referring to a first-year student. These individuals are now “first-year” students. OK, so I’ve been teaching in college for 18 years, maybe 20, and I thought we had good names for undergraduate ranks (even though it drives me crazy when I hear “sophomore” […]